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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Six Pack Challenge

My good buddy and tv/radio personality, Cam Stewart and I will be starting another season of our Six Pack Challenge on Wednesday this week. Tune into to Sirius Channel 98, or log into between 4 and 6 pm to catch the PGA six pack segment live on the air. You probably are wondering, what the hell is a six pack challenge?

The six pack challenege is a competition between Cam and myself to see which of us can pick six mens PGA golfers for a tournament, and cumulatively tally the highest earnings. From there, I keep track of all our stats for the whole year. The "catch" to our six pack is fueled by a gambling mentality. We cannot pick Tiger Woods each week, in fact we never can pick Tiger Woods. We can only pick golfers that have published odds of winning that weeks tournament of 20/1 or higher.

Last year both Cam and I picked 6 winners over the year. This year we will do better than that. Anyway, I will also publish an article to and post the link here shortly that shows my six pack for the Mercedes Championship.

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